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Southern Ute Department of Energy

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The Southern Ute Indian Tribe Energy Department’s mission is to ensure that the members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe receive maximum benefit from the energy and mineral resources located on their Reservation while at the same time minimizing the impact of extraction of the resources on the natural and cultural environment.

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About Us

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe Department of Energy (SUIT DOE) oversees the development of tribal energy resources on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation (SUIR).  Abundant natural gas resources are located within the SUIR due to its location within the San Juan Basin.  These gas resources are currently being extracted within the SUIR, primarily coal bed methane gas from the Fruitland Formation.  Further development of oil and gas resources within the SUIR is expected due to demand and commodity prices.  Development of oil and gas resources generally involves drilling wells, constructing access roads, installing pipelines, and building compression and treatment facilities.

Energy Accounting Group

Energy Accounting tracks and receives money for Severance Tax and Royalty payments on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation for oil and gas operations.  Royalty Auditing conducts audits of operators to ensure they are remitting correct royalty payments to the Tribe.

Land Group

The Land group manages the various business agreements and contracts that provide for the exploration and development of Southern Ute oil and gas minerals and effectively link the oil and gas industry to the Southern Ute Tribe and the Federal Government.